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Chartered April 24, 1940

We do not accept unsolicited grants.  We are an operating foundation and use the majority of our funds for projects that we operate.



Bertha Voyer Memorial Library St. Mark's Episcopal Church
History of Hall-Voyer Foundation Bertha Voyer Park


Cheryl Maxam, Chairman Honey Grove, TX
Abraham Goldfarb Dallas, TX
Beverly Felts Honey Grove, TX
Gary Fernandes Honey Grove & Dallas, Tx
Greg Beavers Honey Grove, Tx
Barbara Caffee Honey Grove, Tx
Pattie Mayfield Roxton, Tx


Cheryl Maxam President
Pattie Mayfield Secretary-Treasurer,
Executive  Director
Abraham Goldfarb Vice-President

The Foundation subscribes to the following stated philosophy:

"In bestowing charity, the main consideration should be to help those who will help themselves; to provide part of the means by which those who desire to improve may do so: . .to assist, but rarely or never to do all."

"He is the only true reformer who is as careful and as anxious not to aid the unworthy as he is to aid the worthy."
Andrew Carnegie

Originally named the David Graham Hall Foundation, the non-profit corporation was chartered in 1940. Dr. Hall, a Dallas physician, left his estate to set up the foundation. Mr. Richard F. Voyer was instrumental in setting up the foundation and was its Executive Director from its inception until his death in 1989. The name was changed in 1984 to reflect the many years of devoted work and financial support by Mr. Voyer.

The foundation differs from the grant making foundations with which most people are familiar. The Hall-Voyer Foundation is an operating foundation, and as such, does not make grants, other than an occasional one of minor financial value. As an operating foundation, the Hall-Voyer Foundation must operate and control its projects, as opposed to just giving the money to another entity to carry out their work.


From its founding in 1940 until the advent of effective medications for treatment of the then known venereal diseases, the foundation conducted free statewide educational and laboratory diagnostic services dedicated to the discovery, treatment, and prevention of syphilis and gonorrhea.

A major impact was made throughout Texas for improved Public Health Administrations. The foundation was active in promoting the development of district-wide public health facilities services, fluoridation of public water supplies to prevent tooth decay, and rabies control projects.


The foundation created the Red River Valley Civic Center in Honey Grove, Texas. Since that time, the organization's operations have included a public library serving eastern Fannin and western Lamar counties, exhibit halls, classrooms for various trades and vocational classes of the Honey Grove Independent School District, the development and maintenance of a beautiful downtown park in Honey Grove, the operation of the historic St. Mark's Episcopal church, and many other community services. The foundation's 1960 Fannin County Health and Hospital Survey resulted in a gratifying impact on health facilities changes which have since occurred in the area.

The foundation provides a substantial source of support to the Paris Junior College Vocational Health Careers program.

The stated purpose under which the foundation operates is for the establishment and or operation of one or more charitable libraries, museums, civic centers, educational facilities, auditoriums, preventative medicine and public health programs, human relations programs, and to otherwise sponsor, promote or support communital health and social welfare programs for the peoples of Texas.


At this time, the main projects of the foundation are the operation of the Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, St. Mark's Episcopal Church,  and maintenance of the Bertha Voyer Park on the square, all in Honey Grove. The board of directors of the foundation is constantly seeking input as to ways the foundation might better serve citizens of Texas. New projects are given serious study to assure that the Foundation's funds are spent for the good of the greatest number of people within the scope of its operating guidelines.


Since 1940, the Foundation's assets have been increased from an original amount of approximately $300,000 to a current net worth of almost $4,000,000. During that same period, it has expended millions for its health, educational, library, and social welfare programs throughout Texas. The Foundation operates on the income from the investments of the endowment. An amount is re-invested each year to allow the income to keep pace with inflation. Current gross income from the Foundation's assets is currently over $200,000 per year.


All of the Foundation's Internal Revenue Service reports and records are available for public inspection during regular business hours at its offices two doors down from  Bertha Voyer Memorial Library on the northeast corner of the square in Honey Grove.


The Foundation will continue to operate its projects in Honey Grove, along with the support of the City of Honey Grove and its citizens by their gifts to the library, as well as other projects of merit to the area.

Though small in size, the foundation has made a major impact on Honey Grove and the surrounding area.

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