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Historical Photographs


Floyd Quarry

Effie Ballew/Fred Taylor Wedding

Methodist Church

1902 Parade Float

Price, Burgher & White Store

 Martha Pearl Wall,
Annie Ballew,
 Effie Ballew,  Georgia Kendall

In front of oldest house in Honey Grove

Mary Wells' Mother

Samuel Augustus Erwin,
son of Samuel A. Erwin & husband of Eliz. Drennan, father of Evelyn Erwin White

Unidentified Business
in Honey Grove

Marr Blacksmith Shop
Honey Grove


Picture from Sammy (Fletcher) Adams

This Station was located on the NW Corner of S. 14th St and East Market St.

The Station was operated by Ray Fletcher - shown repairing the tire. 

In the background beyond the grease rack is the house occupied by Frank and May Sparks (Frank sold Watkins Products)

Picture from Jan (Hatley) Livingston

Gene Hatley and Mr Willie Clark's Service Station and Garage on W. Market (photo taken in the 1940's)
Evan's Grocery

 Evans Grocery
This photo shows the Evans Grocery store that was on the northeast corner of the square. The photo was taken in the 1930's. S. B. Evans started the business. After his death, his son and wife, Lon B. and Lottie Belle Evans ran the business. It closed in 1962 following the death of Lon B.

Lon B. was the father of Mary Anne Thurman, and S. B. was her grandfather. She remembers tales of flour and other goods coming by the train carload. One year the whole front window display was filled with peppermint candy at Christmas.

A lot of the business was credit business. Many farmers charged their groceries all year and paid when their crops were harvested. In the 1940's and 1950's the store was kept open until after the midnight picture show was over so that customers could leave their meat there. There were mountains of feed in the back of the store and it afforded a fun place for children of customers to play. Many of the printed feed sacks came back to Lottie Belle Evans and dresses were made for Mary Anne. Eggs were taken in trade for groceries. There was an old asbestos backed stove in the middle of the store and many a farmer sought it out on a cold, rainy day and spent time shooting the breeze there! Groceries were also delivered to customers in town.

The building was originally the Planters National Bank. It went under in the 1920's and then there was a fire in the building. Mr. Evans purchased the damaged building and remodeled it for the grocery store. He lowered the floor to ground level and put in a second floor for storage. The original elevator is still in the building. It was one of the first elevators in town.

Store owned by  William Robert Stewart


The Wilkins home is now Cooper-Sorrell's Funeral Home on East Main Street.
The porches and gingerbread are now gone.

Dowlen & Ballinger business

Building was on S. 6th St.
(Photo courtesy of Linda Self)


Myrtle Lair sitting in car on Honey Grove square in 1950's
Note: You can barely make out "FOOD STORE" on the building next to Western Auto. According to Gerald Finley, that was owned by the Collins' before they opened their new store.  Across the street in the background is Jackson & Self.  (Photo courtesy of Norma Simmons Nichols)


Honey Grove square in 1950's ( Photo courtesy of Norma Simmons Nichols)
Gerald Finley comments that the small white sign in front of the Ford on the left was a "Taxi Stand" sign.
Kold Kash Store in pictured on the left side.  Next to it is Baker's Pharmacy, then the State Theater.  Note the big white "Penny" scale in front of the theater.  Next to the theater is Dial Hardware.  The Texaco station in the photo was operated by George Simmons, Norma Simmons Nichols father.

Galbraith Milling Company - Mr. Bill Stewart bought the Stewart Gin from the Honey Grove Cotton Oil Co., about the time his son Willard drowned in the compress pool on Sunday afternoon about 3:00 p.m.  Mr. Stewart married Myra Galbraith, daughter of Mr. Marshall Galbraith.  This was in about the late 1800's.  Mr. Stewart died in 1924

Captain Underwood house, just before it was torn down in 1963.  Virgie Kirk Smith's uncle helped build the home.  It was located on the SW corner of Market and Third Streets in Honey Grove.

B. O. Walcott home on N. 5th & Walcott - built around 1898


Honey Grove school building built in 1912
It was originally the high school, then served as the elementary school. 
It was torn down to build a new elementary school.

North side of Honey Grove square

1912 Honey Grove Fire Department, taken in front of City Hall


Four unknown young men. (photo donated by Rick Thiot of Vinemont, AL)

1926 Honey Grove Municipal Band

L. to R.: Front Row: Sam Gardner, Hershel Smith, J. W. Hammack, Hal Thomson, Gross Lay, Herbert Pearson, Sam Wise,

Middle Row: Glen Roddy, Joe Jones, Ladelle Cooper, Ernest Yeager, Ray Erwin, Everett Cregg

Back Row: Henry Davis, T. G. Lane (Business Manager), Charles Eversole, Joe Wise, Jim Mellens, Marcus King (Drum Major), Elwin Raiden, F. E. Clark (Director), Charlie Smith


Gene Whatley And Mr. Willie Clark's Service Station



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